April 5-6, 2023
Coral Gables Miami, FL
April 5-6, 2023
Coral Gables Miami, FL
International Forum on Expert Finder Systems
Connecting the Dots
April 5-6, 2023
Coral Gables Miami, FL

2022 Pre-Forum Community Webinars

Thursday, July 21: Session Recording

What Is a Research Information Management System? Q & A with RIM System Providers

Rebecca Bryant
OCLC Research

Kate Byrne

Bruce Herbert
Texas A & M University

Moderator: Rebecca Bryant, Senior Program Officer, OCLC Research

Join us to learn the answers to these questions:

  • What is a research information management (RIM) system?
  • What problems and challenges do RIM systems address that make them a growing area of investment for research institutions?

The webinar will begin with a short overview of the complex RIM ecosystem, seeking to provide clarity around high-level definitions and use cases. From there, a panel of RIM system providers will describe their offerings, goals, and product strengths and answer questions from participants.

Our panel will include representatives from:

  • Clarivate
  • Elsevier
  • OCLC
  • Symplectic
  • VIVO (Texas A&M University)

Note: Webinar 1 will not address faculty activity reporting systems. Look for our webinar on the FAR use case in the fall.

Wednesday, September 28: Session Recording

The Intersection of Faculty Information Systems (FIS) and Research Information Management Systems (RIMS)

Heather Small
Manager, Faculty Information Systems, Academic Personnel Office

Jennifer Chan
Scholarly Communication Librarian, UCLA Libraries

Kim Musler
Service Lead and Analyst for University Data, Center for Faculty Advancement, Office of the Provost
New York University

Virginia (Ginny) Pannabecker
Assistant Dean, Research Collaboration and Engagement, University Libraries,
Virginia Tech

Barbara Lockee
Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and Professor,
Instructional Design & Technology,
Virginia Tech

Abhay Joshi
Director of Analytics
Virginia Tech

Moderator: Besiki Stvilia, Professor, School of Information, Florida State University

Faculty and research are two of the most important assets for an institution of higher education, and identifying, promoting, and highlighting the achievements in these areas are critical to promoting an institution's reputation. As universities evolve in this new post-COVID era, new horizons in research and innovation are needed to continue to answer the numerous challenges facing higher education. With many institutions reporting an emphasis on growing and diversifying their networks, collaborations, and interdisciplinary research, administrators and faculty themselves are in need of the right information to make strategic long term decisions. As a result, universities are now looking across silos attempting to bridge the gap between systems to create more efficiencies and ultimately, to understand their institutional landscapes more fully. One-way universities are seeking to do this is by connecting and integrating faculty information systems (FIS) and research information systems (RIMS) in new, and more robust ways to generate effective workflows, new data, and insights.

During this webinar, stakeholders from Office of the Provost, Office of Personnel, and the Library at a number of research-intensive institutions, will discuss the use cases of their systems, how their adoption of these systems is supporting their strategy, and what they envision the future holds for them.

*The event is free, but registration is required.

Faculty Information Systems (FIS) have a strong focus on internal faculty data, including sensitive and confidential personnel data unique to faculty activities, and include workflows necessary for activities like faculty activity reporting, accreditation, and annual reviews for reappointment, promotion, and tenure appointment. These systems allow institutions to electronically collect, store, showcase, analyze, and report on faculty activities and accomplishments using a single system of record.

Research Information Management Systems (RIMS) focus on aggregating, curating, and storing data and metadata about institutional research and scholarly activities in a single system of record. RIMS are multi-faceted solutions that showcase research, both at the institutional level and at the researcher level. RIMS are strategic to an institution as they provide insights into the performance and competitiveness of institutional research, which is essential to sound decision-making and planning.

Both are solutions that are typically used in conjunction across research intensive institutions.

Thursday, December 1: Session Recording

Getting Answers from Your Research Information Management System: A Discussion of Reporting Use Cases

Jason Glenn
Principal Systems Analyst
Carnegie Mellon University

Joan Kolarik
Manager, Library Integrated Technology Systems
Drexel University

Michelle Hutnik
Director, Research Analytics and Communications, Pennsylvania State University

Research Information Management Systems (RIMS) bring together internal institutional data and data harvested from external sources, providing a definitive record of information on all types of research, teaching, grant, service, and other scholarly activities. Having this data in a single location empowers diverse stakeholders, from across the institution to make better informed decisions and gain deeper insights on areas of expertise, interdisciplinary collaboration, publication patterns, open access, and more.

In this webinar, three institutions will share how they use their RIMS data for a variety of reporting use cases, including the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Open Access APCs (article processing charges), grant reporting, accreditation, and interdisciplinary research. They will also discuss reporting challenges, such as setting up institutional structures, as well as approaches to identifying reporting needs and fielding requests.

*The event is free, but registration is required.

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April 5-6, 2023
Coral Gables Miami, FL